Airline Strategy

Advising airline leadership teams with detailed decision planning aids in key areas such as corporate strategy, business model selection and feasibility studies.

Business Planning

Experienced in the specialist field of airline business planning, having created expert and detailed plans for many different business models, outlining the appropriate strategy.

Airline set-up planning

Assisting your new airline project with proven set-up planning, methodology and tools that assist aircraft selection, airline AOC award and entry into service.

Traffic Forecasting

Fundamental to creating value and informing key business decisions.

Fare Yield Management

Assisting airlines improve their revenue throught fare yield management and additional lines of income.

Network Strategy

Understanding the dynamics of network strategy – whether for low cost carriers, regional airlines or hub-and-spoke carriers.

Aircraft Evaluation & Fleet Planning

A thorough understanding of aircraft performance, aircraft economics and the lease/finance sector that is essential to the fleet planning decision, utilising customised fleet evaluations models.

Alliance and Competition Evaluation

Understanding the ever-changing landscape of codeshares, revenue sharing, alliances and partnerships.

Cargo Advisory

Advising airlines and other stakeholders on strategies to enhance revenues from cargo operations.

Policy, Planning & Consultation

Supporting the development and application of regional aviation policy objectives through positive engagement with key stakeholders.




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