Airline Planning

Whether you're a start-up airline requiring guidance through the nightmare journey to get airborne or an established airline looking at new routes or needing to increase revenues or reduce costs, we can provide coherent, strategic and integrated advice.  We can help carriers overcome significant challenges and achieve those sustainable results.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning should take in consideration market and competition trends, operational improvements, traffic forecasts, flight schedules and company assets.  We are able to develop and implement sound strategies that maximize opportunity. 

  • Airline Performance Objectives
  • Business Model Selection
  • Route & Market Feasibility Studies
  • Traffic Forecasts
  • Fleet Plan‚Äčning and Purchase
  • Strategic Business Planning

Start-Up Airlines

We can assist your new airline project with start-up planning, methodology that will confirm your aircraft choice, getting the airline its AOC, route proving and entry into service.  The real challenge of starting an airline is to be profitable and successful so correct detailed planning is essential. 

We can start from designing a feasibility study, creating a business plan, and obtaining your AOC, in order to bring your ideas to life.

The Start-up Planning includes:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Business Plan
  • Project Management
  • Planning & obtaining your AOC
  • Implemention  & Entry Into Service