Executive Jet Travel for Your Business

We understand that time is your most valuable resource.  By planning your travel using your own business aircraft or a private air charter, you save time to use for more important things in life.  You and your team can travel to multiple locations in a fraction of the time it would take through commercial travel.  In addition, by flying to smaller, private airports that are closer to your destinations, we help you cut ground travel time significantly. By having a luxury office in the sky to hold meetings, conference calls, or just some quiet time to nap or enjoy a gourmet meal, you also make your travel time both productive and refreshing.

  • Private Air Charters for those important travel requirements using approved charter operators
  • Aircraft Management Contract to operate and look after your own aircraft

Private Aircraft Charter

There is no reason to fly numerous flight sectors with multiple commercial carriers to attend (or miss!) day trip business meetings. Check-in is a breeze, taking only minutes to clear security with dedicated handling agents at most airfields.

It makes sense strategically and economically to fly privately and comfortably in absolute safety. Reduce frustration and stress of travel logistics, increase your effectiveness, productivity and enjoyment.

We can work out  the best and most efficient travel solutions for you and your team to travel, using one of our specially selected and recommended air charter partners.

Aircraft Management

Our specially selected recommended partners offer a very professional aircraft management service which is second to none.

You decide when and to where you wish to fly and they take care of the rest.  No more airport queues.  Your flight leaves at a time of your choosing.  When you arrive at the airport your aircraft will be fuelled, crewed and ready to go. If you have requested catering then that will be on board. As soon as your meeting is finished we will get you home again safely, avoiding the queues of holiday makers fighting their way through passport control.

They arrange for maintenance, cleaning and most importantly of all, keep ahead of the ever changing rules and regulations which affect the operation of aircraft.

Owning a private aircraft is a powerful personal statement and if professionally managed, need not be the headache or expense that you might imagine it to be.